I recently finished Amazon Prime’s series Hanna, which is an adaptation of the 2011 film of the same name. I hadn’t seen the movie until recently, and I wasn’t entirely sure why the creators chose this particular film as the basis for an entire series.

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I generally don’t like to post negative reviews, but given the amount of praise this movie has received, I decided to give this one a go. I like Jordan Peele. Get Out was a wonderful movie that successfully walked a tight rope between humor and horror, with a substantial amount of social commentary thrown into the mix that never felt out of place or distracted from the overall story.


Love, Death + Robots

One of my favorite things about Netflix, Amazon, and streaming services in general is their willingness to take risks on edgy material targeted at a niche audience. Over the past few years we’ve gotten some fantastic science fiction, which I never thought I would see on screen, big or small.

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Velvet Buzzsaw and Happy!

When I saw the trailer for Velvet Buzzsaw, I was intrigued. It looked dark, weird, violent, and creepy — all characteristics I find appealing. I watched it last night, and well…it’s different. But different isn’t necessarily good, and subverting expectations isn’t always in a creator’s best interest, least of all when it interferes with an audience’s ability to connect with the characters and story.

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