Hunter’s Moon: Part 7

Night only lasted a couple of hours on Tombstone, and it provided little cover. The second moon loomed over the horizon like a glowing holiday ornament, comically large in the otherwise empty sky, casting its reflected light across the valley below.  “Hunter’s moon,” McGrath said under his breath, as he and Abigail watched the train snake its way through the ravine toward the distant towers of Prosperity.

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Hunter’s Moon: Part 6

McGrath woke with a splitting headache and a taste in his mouth that made him think something had crawled in there and died while he was unconscious. He sat up slowly, blurred vision sharpening until he could make out the faces of the two individuals standing near him. He rested on a cot pushed into the corner of a concrete bunker.

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Cydonia City: Redux

In grad school, I wrote a series of short stories as part of an experiment in self-publishing. This was 2011, so e-books were still relatively new, and there weren’t a lot of resources for editing, formatting, cover design, etc. It took a long time to get the collection where I wanted it, and I was fortunate enough to have a mentor who read each story and provided extensive critical feedback, which was incredibly useful. 

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Hunter’s Moon: Part 5

One thought burned through McGrath’s brain: Run. He stumbled back from the skylight and made a break for the edge of the roof. Swinging over, he gripped the ladder with both hands and slid down. The rough metal ripped through his gloves and chewed into the flesh of his palms.

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Rogue Agent

Rogue Agent, my first short story for Patreon, is now up! Tier 1 patrons get the complete story in Kindle, ePub, and PDF formats. Tier 2 and 3 patrons get an expanded edition with Bonus Content, including a Timeline and a Behind-the-Scenes afterword on the story’s origins. Tier 3 patrons get to vote on the genre of my next story. Below you will find the first 1,000 words, for free! I hope you enjoy.

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Hunter’s Moon: Part 3

Jasper dropped McGrath off at the Regal, a hotel near the center of town, and tossed him a cloth bag before speeding away. As the dust settled around him, McGrath opened the bag, and a pile of octagonal quartz glittered up at him. He snorted and stuffed it into his pocket. Like he could be bought so easily. Or for so little. 

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