After centuries of brutal conflict among the settled worlds of the Solar System, the human race has finally expanded to the stars.

Using self-replicating robotic spacecraft, we’ve colonized more than 10,000 star systems spread across a spherical volume 100 light-years in diameter, with Sol, birthplace of humankind and home to more than 1 trillion sentient beings, at its epicenter.

In addition to terraforming and colonizing countless planets, moons, dwarf planets, and asteroids, spacefaring humanity has built enormous habitats and megastructures. It is truly an interstellar golden age.

Mixing elements of New Space Opera, Hard Science Fiction, and Transhumanism, The 3rd Millennium is an expansive universe populated by humanity in all its myriad forms, cyborgs, AIs, uplifted life forms, and everything in between.

Welcome to our future…