My second Patreon story, Line of Fire, has proven to be more difficult/complicated than I initially intended. It’s a bit longer than Rogue Agent and involves more perspectives. Fitting everything into a short story less than 10,000 words has been quite the challenge. That being said, it won’t be available June 1st. More likely I’ll have it up in mid-June. Right now I’m shooting for the 15th. I believe holding myself to a deadline is important, especially if I want to develop a sustainable level of productivity, but let’s be realistic, sometimes self-imposed deadlines can be a bit too aggressive.

I don’t want to release anything that hasn’t had the proper amount of time/effort put into it, and I won’t just slap any half-finished story up there, especially when I know I can do better. This story has got a lot of different elements, and in many ways it’s a more complicated beast than my previous effort. So, in the interest of making it as good as I possibly can, I’m going to hold off on posting until it’s ready. I’m still going to post Hunter’s Moon: Part 9 tomorrow, per usual. That story is a lot more straightforward, and it’s nearing the end now.

Part of being a good writer is knowing your strengths and weaknesses and admitting to failure. The reason I started the Patreon endeavor was to give myself an external deadline. When something goes up, it gains a degree of weight and realism that it wouldn’t have were I to just stick it in a drawer or send it off to some online magazine/website I likely wouldn’t hear back from for another six months (I’ve done this many times in the past). It’s also a good way to hone my publication and marketing skills. Formatting, cover design, layout…it’s all a part of the process I enjoy, and it adds layers of professionalism to the piece once it’s ready for release.

Deadlines matter, and I’m going to try to be more vigilant about them in the future. I’ve got a lot of writing goals for 2019, and it’s imperative to build up a good work ethic and meet expectations, even if they are self-imposed.


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