Hunter’s Moon: Part 11

“Strap in, now!” McGrath gripped the yoke and banked over the landing field, thrusters throwing out jets of brilliant orange flame. Plasma fire erupted below. The coruscating bolts smacking into the ship’s portside armor, but they were too weak to do any real damage. McGrath ignored them. It wasn’t the men on the ground he was worried about.

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Line of Fire

Line of Fire: Part I, a military scifi story, is now up on Patreon. This story ballooned during the writing process (I blame it on the characters refusing to give up their time in the spotlight), so I’ve decided to split this one in two. Part I is now up, and Part II should be up in mid-July (possibly sooner). 

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Hunter’s Moon: Part 10

Prosperity was once Tombstone’s planetary capital, but a rebel firebombing had left it in shambles, and the capital was later relocated to New Hope. Much of the city still lay in ruins. A few towers soared among the empty shells of government buildings, hotels, and commercial centers. Hectares of parks and pavilions swarmed with detritus, among which dwelled the handful of survivors who had crawled out of the wreckage following the revolution. 

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Hunter’s Moon: Part 9

McGrath raised his submachine gun and fired a burst into the smoke-filled compartment ahead. The bullets ricocheted off something moving rapidly toward him, its enormous form barely discernible through the billowing clouds. His heart pounded. It had been a long time since he’d experienced genuine fear. A glowing aura shimmered briefly, its edges hissing and sparking where it touched the smoke.

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My second Patreon story, Line of Fire, has proven to be more difficult/complicated than I initially intended. It’s a bit longer than Rogue Agent and involves more perspectives. Fitting everything into a short story less than 10,000 words has been quite the challenge. That being said, it won’t be available June 1st. More likely I’ll have it up in mid-June. Right now I’m shooting for the 15th.

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Hunter’s Moon: Part 8

The sound of gunfire echoed throughout the cramped compartment. McGrath depleted his remaining anti-personnel rounds and switched to armor-piercing. Next to him, Zephyra’s rifle thundered, the report reverberating in his ears. The Magistrate’s men crouched near the door. Their submachine guns riddled the surrounding cargo crates with holes. 

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Busy, Busy…

Just a couple of quick updates. I’ve been working on a number of different stories these last couple weeks, all of which are in various stages of development. My main focus has been on my next Patreon piece, a military scifi story called Line of Fire, which is set in the same universe as Hunter’s Moon and follows a desperate captain as he pursues an enemy warship through a stellar nursery.

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